ONE MINUTE DIARY  2_may I please forgive myself
Video-performance, Berlin, 2014
Galeria Vermelho - Festival Verbo, São Paulo, 2015

May I please forgive myself – There was a graffiti on a door near my place… I could not help reading it whenever I walked past it. A slight send of pleasure in-between chronic pain. May I please forgive myself? Allow myself to be fragile. Allow myself to be just what I am. ‘I love you. There is a special place for you in my heart’.

ONE MINUTE DIARY  2 narrates the beginning of a reconciliation process with the own self.

The project ONE MINUTE DIARY is a series of video-performances with the duration of one minute. The written and spoken text configures a soundscape for the visual narrative. In these brief diaries, cristina elias tries to give shape to thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations she has been collecting for years in various small notebooks. An attempt to depict in a one minute long visual work several pages of a life diary.

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