performance, video, installation and multiples, 2017

“The feminine, to use a catachresis, is domesticated and rendered unintelligible within a phallogocentrism that claims to be self-constituting. Disavowed, the remnant of the feminine survives as the inscriptional space of that phallogocentrism."
Judith Butler in Bodies that Matter
(NY, Routledge, 2011, p. 13)

In Inscriptura, Cristina Elias expands the performance for different supports (video, canvas and installation) that allow the writing of a diary. Formal and conceptually, the exhibition seeks to investigate the essence of the "feminine," eclipsed by the various layers of socio-cultural and historical conditioning that have been deposited around it over time. In the performances, presented live and on video, the artist explores two layers of expression: in one, she depicts the woman who offers the observer what he is used to receiving – her own objectified exposure; in another, she creates an intimate space, secure and protected, where words acquire physicality through the silent movement of the body. In addition to the performances and video-performances, Inscriptura includes 31 canvases composed by text written in charcoal, upon which is added an image printed in acrylic, being both canvas and image tied by a fragile woollen line. In these objects, which the artist calls “action-objects” (referring to the theory of Kristine Stiles in the text Out of Actions: Between performance and the object of 1998), she tries to reproduce principles that guide the performances themselves, like the attempt to include 'now' and ‘chance’ while present time into the process of creation (the writing of the text on the canvas takes place in an 'in-consciousness' stream, which takes place immediately without any preplanning nor previous reflections). Inscriptura is the result of a process initiated by Cristina Elias in 2014, in which the artist researches through various media and languages, ways that approach the possibility of representation and objectification of subjectivity. Inscriptura was awarded the prize “Paço das Artes – Temporada de Projetos 2017” (Jury: Benjamin Seroussi, Juliana Gontijo, Priscila Arantes, Solange Farkas and Vinícius Spricigo) and held at the Museum of Image and Sound - MIS São Paulo from September 6 to October 08, 2017.

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