Paço das Artes - MIS (São Paulo)
06.09.2017 - 05.10.2017


Long duration performance, 2016

Long duration performance, where the artist, in “flow of inconsciousness”, writes with coal along the exhibition space transformed into a canvas. Page by page of a diary are inscribed on this canvas as a means of attributing to these thoughts, feelings and confessions physical materiality through the interaction with the body and its movement in space. It is about writing a diary in real time that will live on as an action-object after the performance ends. During the performance, a camera captures the live action, transferring it to a monitor and composing an expansion of this performance to a video work, but a video work that is not previously recorded and that maintains the ephemerous quality of the performance. The soundtrack of this performance, free of verbal messages in contrapostion to the sea of words that are being written by the artist, is composed by the artist herself in a manual music box as a mens of providing an empty place where words can materialize as objects. The music box conceptually refers to a condition of the Feminine, of the woman kept as a ‘doll’ enclosed in a box, ready for entertaining whoever wants to open it.




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