The Sacro-Cranial choreographic movement technique for training and performance draws upon a ‘miscigenated’ matrix of movement systems, mainly Yoga and Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, with aspects adapted from Suzuki's Theatre practice.

Bartenieff Fundamentals:
Demystifying dualities

The aim of the application of Bartenieff Fundamentals is to transform ineffective movement deriving from gaps in the developmental line or physical memory of an individual through a “regressive-progressive” process, which starts from the movement of the embryo and progresses further to actual adulthood, offering a clear understanding of organic patterns of movement and a stable “root” for the individual to grow further.

Chakras Theory:
awareness of spinal movement as a way of dealing with our neuromuscular system effectively

Within the scope of the Sacro-Cranial Technique, the theory of the chakras is applied as a way of connecting the vibration of each of these “wheels of energy” to areas of the spine and the flow of vital energy through the body to the respiratory system, namely the flow of breath.

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