video installation, 2019



In Restos de mim 2, I project a life-size video of my body moving over one of the large canvases that result from another work of mine: Music Box (performance), in which I write and erase incessantly text in charcoal on a large screen. In the video I recorded for Restos de mim 2, the movement does not recreate the action of writing such as in Music Box, but that of blurring the text. As the screen I chose for the projection contains a circle that at the time of the performance was drawn with my own arm (and it is exactly the size of my body), for the new video I thought of a movement that was trying to end in the limits of that circle , but that, however, could not contain itself. A cyclic and tireless repetition of the opening and closing of the body in a movement that repeatedly, in its opening, overflows the limits of the drawing.






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