video performance, 2020



Carmen is my most current work, although it tells a story that took place at the beginning of the 20th century. Addressing three urgent topics - a pandemic, the migratory flow around the globe and, as a result, the conflict between collective and individual rights - I bring to the present in images, text and action the story of my great-grandmother Carmen, who, embarked on an immigrant ship from Granada (Spain) to Brazil.
It was a time of Spanish flu and, in the Atlantic, Carmen had a fever and the captain of the ship ordained she should be thrown overboard. Her mother hid with her in the basement of the ship for the entire voyage. Upon arriving in Brazilian lands, Carmen was registered under a different name than her own. She lost her original name, but gained a chance for a new start.
For this video, I wrote the story of Carmen in pastel chalk (blurring element) on sheets of vegetal paper (a texture that reminds me of the translucency of water), which I released into the sea. Thus, metaphorically, I detach myself from the tangible work of art (the text-drawing or object) to incorporate it in another way: through the SKIN, through a synesthetic perception that goes beyond the merely visual. I also detach myself from the story itself, making it reborn in my body and in the sea, in a different way. As in Butô's training, "I kill" the story, "I kill" the body, to give them a possibility of development different from what was underway. The sinking in the water as an inevitable "suspension" that can mean a deviation of meaning.

This work has a double layer: the drawings, torn, crushed, wet and salted, were collected and kept. One of the exhibition ideas is to exhibit video-performance (intangible element) accompanied by text drawings (tangible element) that have undergone the transformation recorded in video. However, the video individually already carries this double layer, being able to be exposed individually (in this present where physical presence is a risk factor).  - video performance






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