video performance, 2020

duration: 8 min
camera / editing: César Meneghetti
music: Pedro Françolin



“Every Woman” is part of a series of performance, video and drawing works on human rights and freedoms in which I parody articles from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” that are built on a general formula: “Everyone has the right to... "," All human beings ... ","All people ...","All individuals... ","Nobody...". Here, I try to illuminate differences of the subjects of the protected rights, who, once hidden in the shadows of an abstract "whole", become social ghosts, layers excluded from the "Rule of Law". 

“Every Woman”, specifically, addresses the woman's right to her body. The woman's body is targeted by paradoxical attacks. In some contexts, it must be hidden because it is obscene, because it evokes undesirable desires. Being a woman in her physicality might be seen as a sin in itself: the female body as proof and condemnation of this transgressive act and its invisibility as a final sentence. In other situations, the woman's body, transformed into a commodity, is overexposed; its nudity exploited and a hypervisibility of the female body is what results as the condemnation.


Discussing themes such as gender, identity and society, this video-performance places the woman's body in a place where opposites try to live together: an individual body and a political/collective body; the right to visibility of the nude body and the danger of exploiting that same nudity; a body that is inserted in a reality already written by social, cultural, family traditions ... and a body that seeks, inbetween and upon these same words, to weave its own text. A body that covers and discovers itself, creating, in a dance between commandments and freedoms, obligations and rights, its own way of operating in society.



www.vimeo.com/419168242 - video performance






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