ABSENT BODY [or at night I cry]



live performance by cristina elias – live cinema by César Meneghetti, 2021


This is a performance where I start on a cross made by vegetal paper and, being trigerred by images and sounds projected, I move, speak, write and draw with pastel crayons on the paper. With the development of the acction (when the paper is completely occupied by my text and drawings), I blur everything pouring water on the paper. Through this process, the paper, the text, the drawings, the collour of the crayons... transform into another state. Then I ‘dress up’ the paper. The last action is to leave the scene, make my body absent, and leave na object in the space which I call a paper sculpture and that agregates all my actions during the live performance.



See the video: www.vimeo.com/626873495






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