Prize Paço das Artes Projects Season 2017

Paço das Artes at the Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo), Studio Stefania Miscetti (Rome)



In this live performance, Cristina Elias writes a real-time diary with charcoal on a large canvas. Having finished to write one whole page, the artist erases the text with the movement of her own body, in a process that repeats itself successively. Here, two layers of expression are explored: in one, the woman who offers the observer what he is used to receive - his objectified exposure within a ‘box’; and in another, the creation of an intimate, secure and protected space, where words acquire physicality through the silent movement of the body. The double layer of “Music box” is also revealed in the formal aspect of the work: to be exhibited are the action of writing and bluring the text with one’s own body as well as the canvas/installation that results from this same action.  - Fragments from music box at Stefania Miscetti Studio - Rome (1min34) - Performance music box / Mostra Inscriptura no Paço das Artes/MIS (2min)





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