PERFORMARSI: The action as perception



performance, 2015

MAXXI Roma, 2015



In this interactive performance, audience and performer - in a situation of invisibility - merge into a single figure that looks for a different way to “see”.

Vision is currently one of the main instruments of experience and apprehension of both the internal and the external world. The conception we have of ourselves is profoundly influenced by the image that is shown by the social mirror, that is, by the image of ourselves the eyes of others construct. In addition, today more than ever, we are constantly bombarded by numerous visual stimuli that shape the reality in which we believe to exist in.

To build the relationship with others and with our own selves almost solely on the sense of seeing can lead to prejudices and errors in the process of conceiving realities.

The purpose of this performance is to, by means of developing a common silent and kinesthetic language, provide a concrete experience of alterity. Active public participation is a requirement of this work, designed for anyone interested in expanding their senses and resources to communicate.

This work is an offshoot of the video-performance “Invisibilità”, created as part of the exhibition “I/O è un altro” by César Meneghetti, shown at the Venice Art Biennale 2013, and of the performance/workshop “Per- FORMARSI: L’azione COME FORMA DI PERCEZIONE”, executed at the MAXXI National Museum of Art of the XXI Century (Rome, 2015), also in the context of “I/O è un altro”.

After these experiences, we seek to broaden the scope of this research, providing to more and different people an opportunity to think and experience a less common way to share thoughts and feelings and, above all, to know the other and their own selves.





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