video-performance, Sao Paulo, 2015

Prize Paço das Artes Projects Season 2017

Galeria Vermelho - Festival Verbo, São Paulo, 2015  |  Paço das Artes at the Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo)



Turning and unturning. Wrapping while unwrapping. Winding and unwinding. To eliminate all historic, social, inherited and voluntarily adopted patterns. Meanwhile, with each unfolded fabric of the multi-layered construct that we call SELF, one’s essence seems to get blurrier. to recapture the original self by sweeping off the sedimented dust around one’s body, one’s image, one’s own self understanding - is it feasible? Is it possible to erase memories, personal stories, history, the others, the past and the expectations of the future?

In ONE MINUTE DIARY 04_free, a woman fights to liberate herself from various ‘layers’ that have been deposited around her through her lifetime. non-stop turns around one’s own axis. each turn, automatically generates the shadow of the same body, of the same self, turning towards the opposite direction. diving in the deep blue waters of the unknown as the only way out of this vicious circle. an endless and silent fight whose outcome is transformation rather than liberation.

The project ONE MINUTE DIARY is a series of video-performances with the duration of one minute. The written and spoken text configures a soundscape for the visual narrative. In these brief diaries, cristina elias tries to give shape to thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations she has been collecting for years in various small notebooks. An attempt to depict in a one minute long visual work several pages of a life diary.





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