ONE MINUTE DIARY 1 - losing the seconds



video-performance, Berlin, 2014

Prize Paço das Artes Projects Season 2017

Arshake, Itália | Galeria Vermelho - Festival Verbo, São Paulo, 2015 | Paço das Artes at the Museum of Image and Sound (São Paulo)



In ONE MINUTE DIARY 1_losing the seconds a person reflects on her past while time keeps on going forwards. Migration in time and space. Shall I come back to the place where I was born after having left it and created a present somewhere else? Why come back? Is it possible to go backwards if the clock keeps on ticking forwards? Is space a still concept - can one ever come back to a place of the past? A collection of thoughts provoked by a feeling of ‘nostalgia’ or ‘homesickness’. A feeling of longing for something whose present existence is not a concrete fact.

Milan Kundera in his work “L’Ignorance” asserts that: “The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return. To express that fundamental notion most Europeans can utilize a word derived from the Greek (nostalgia, nostalgie) as well as other words with roots in their national languages: añoranza, say the Spaniards; saudade, say the Portuguese. In each language these words have a different semantic nuance. Often they mean only the sadness caused by the impossibility of returning to one’s country: a longing for country, for home. What in English is called “homesickness.” Or in German: Heimweh. In Dutch: heimwee.”

ONE MINUTE DIARY 1 deals with the pain of dealing with the passing of time and the transformation of space into ruins. The movement language mirrors this concept. A 360 degrees turn around one’s own timeline. While the image turns clockwise, in a way that the subject cannot control nor stop this cycle, the body performs a anti-clockwise movement. A reflection on the past, while time, necessarily, maintains its steady direction.

This is the first video-performance of the series ONE MINUTE DIARY. In these brief diaries, where the written and spoken text configures a soundscape for the visual narrative, cristina elias tries to give shape to thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations she has been collecting for years in various small notebooks. An attempt to depict in a one minute long visual work several pages of a life diary.





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