audio-visual performance/ installation, 2013/2014

Prize FUNARTE Women in Visual Arts 2013


Festival Plataforma Berlin 2013 | Feira Literária Internacional de Frankfurt 2013 | MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som São Paulo, 2014 MAM Museu de Arte Moderna São Paulo, 2014 | Museu Casa Guilherme de Almeida São Paulo, 2015 | Uferstudios Berlin (ada studio), 2015



“Phonetic Fragments of One (Self)” is an audio-visual performance and installation that confronts the issue of the limits of communication through translations and re-translations of the novel “The Passion according to G.H.”, by Clarice Lispector. Fragments of text in Portuguese, Italian, English and German comprise a soundscape that during the live event is “re-translated” by deaf performers into a silent movement vocabulary, by a visual-artist in live cinema and by a sound-artist in abstract sounds. The creative process of “Phonetic Fragments of One (Self)” starts from re-creating the ‘word’ through the sign language used for communication by deaf people and its subsequent artistic development in performance and movement workshops. The “defect “ - the impossibility of speaking and listening - becomes a tool for expanding the means of expressing oneself.



MAM São Paulo (2014) 


MIS São Paulo (2014)


Festival Plataforma/ Uferstudios Berlin (2013)


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