video-performance/installation, 2012

La Bienalle di Venezia, 2013



by César Meneghetti -
movement Direction: Cristina Elias
soundscape: Yuko Matsuyama + Matthew Mountford

Invisibilitá is a video-performance that, searching for a different way to recognize the other, explores the issue of “vision” and the addictions which might arise from the use of this sense as a main and almost unique tool for interpreting reality. Invisibilitá is part of the project “I/O è altro” by César Meneghetti and involved 200 people with special abilities. The creation process of “I/O è altro” was divided in four different phases: in “verifica 1”, César Meneghetti concentrated on the spoken word and created a video, where the various protagonists talked freely about key-concepts such as life, death, disability, love, the other… The “verifica 4” was the “body- and silence counterpart” to “verifica 1”: instead of using words, the performers would touch the same key-concepts with a physical expression code. Cristina Elias developed a lexicon without words based on the principle of equivalence and diversity. By acting on an equal footing in the same environment, the various people involved have created a performance that went beyond the physical limitations of its participants. This zone of in-visibility paradoxically helps people to see. This installation was exhibited at the 55th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia (2013).





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