HERE & THERE [or Somewhere InBetween]



video-performance, Berlin 2011

radialsystem, berlin, 2011 | studio K77, berlin, 2012 | Boddinale, Loophole Berlin, 2013 | Festival Dança em Foco, Rio de Janeiro, 2016



“the” foreign woman looks for the native inside herself hidden beneath several layers of individual life stories.

detaching biographies from time and space.
direction/conception/text: cristina elias
performance: anca huma
video: virgis puodziunas
set design: annisa jabour

Seven different stories. However, the same structure for all of them: leaving the comfort zone to reach out for a new life. Migration not only in what concerns to leaving a country, the homeland... but also to leaving stories, situations, people... and diving into the new. Taking the risk of “stepping” on a “mined field”. Their own body as refuge. Seven different women. However, the same structure for all of them. Is there a “core” of femininity? If all the layers of social, cultural, racial, geographical and ageing traces were systematically stripped out of these individuals, would their naked seed be similar? The project “Here and There [or Somewhere Inbetween]” started with interviews with seven migrant women. Despite the variety of the social-cultural backgrounds and geographical provenience of each of them, a basic structure in each of these “story-lines” popped out with relevant power: the inevitability of the “journey” and the enclosure in their own inner selves as a protective reaction towards the threats of the outside world and the others. From these seven interviews, seven stories were written in textual form and filtered from any factual details of time and space. The result was a mosaic of seven pieces of stories that, when set up together, made sense as a whole. The choreography reflects the same basic principles: it provides a strong image for setting up a never- ending game of dualities between”In and Out”, “Core and Surface”, “Male and Female”, “Round or Linear”, “Me and Not-me”, “Towards and Away”, “Advance and Retreat”... While our body exists in space, our mind exists in time ... attempting physical contact with the moments which pass between ‘Here and There’ is inevitable. One of the main questions of this work is how and to what extent narrative, movement and spatial constructs inter-relate, in order to reflect the ‘everyday journey of the mind’ into a physically expressive performance. (whole performance)  | (trailer)





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