PAI | Physical Assemblage Invelopment



Theatre Play - Rio de Janeiro, 2012

Midrash, Rio de Janeiro, 2012



direction: cristina elias and rita elmor
movement direction: cristina elias
text: cristina mutarelli
performance: rita elmor
video by césar meneghetti
camera: arthur sherman

A woman and a shadow.
A father. The shadow of a father in a house.
A house in ruines. A monologue-dialogue.
A father that even after dead continues there, as a shadow.
As present ruine of a past that is still living.

Looking for a simbiotic relation between verbal and physical modes of expression, Cristina Elias and Rita Elmôr trace the journey of the protagonist back towards her father’s home.


This work reconstructs the novel PAI by Cristina Mutarelli, which has already been directed by Paulo Autran and was presented in Italy and Brazil.





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