SheDevil Women Videoart festival (Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, 2017)



technique: pixilation + charcoal on paper Cristina Elias (concept, direction, work of art and performance) in collaboration with Sérgio Nesteriuk (direction, animation) photography: Thiago Eugênio dos Santos editing and post-production: Thiago Trevisan

Every time of day has its own feeling ... Combining movement, text and photography (pixilation), this work aims to portray the almost hypnotic repetition of feelings and feelings that assaults a person throughout the 12 hours of the day. Pixalation is an animation technique where innumerable images are shot and then projected in sequence, creating an illusion of movement.

Created in partnership with Sérgio Nesteriuk and produced under the “performance and new media” research project developed by Cristina Elias and Sérgio Nesteriuk in the Post-Graduate Program in Design of the Anhembi Morumbi University (São Paulo, Brazil).







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