MIXAGE # 1: Craft & Technology 


Audiovisual performance (2019)

César Meneghetti and Cristina Elias
Duration: 20 a 40’


MIXAGE # 1: Craft & Technology is a live performance where video projection and body movement contaminate each other, serving as triggers for creating content in languages that push the boundaries of the verbal. For approximately 20 minutes, Cristina Elias (body / movement) and César Meneghetti (audiovisual) develop a silent dialogue, seeking a fusion between their different media. We propose a body experience of the video and a fade of the contours of the skin in the purely visual. At live time, audio signals at various frequencies create images with varying noise and interference patterns that are reflected in the moving body. Sound, image, and movement are constructed and deconstructed in a shared/ inter-pregnant space-time.


SYNESTHESIA: neurological condition in which the stimulation of a cognitive sense or path (eg hearing) leads to involuntary automatic experience in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (such as vision). In short, when one sense is activated, another is activated at the same time; It is a matter of crossed wires in the physical material of the brain.





performance www.vimeo.com/334380926



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