performance / live video, 2019-2020

concept, movement, performance, direction: Cristina Elias

live video/performance: César Meneghetti

camaera, film edition e post-production: Karla da Costa



In the performance Pele (2019), I look for the intermittences between the body and the environment to question the concept of a self as a finished unit, shaped forever in a format that excludes everything that is outside the limits of the epidermis. It is a movement performance with live manipulation of images about my present body that moves and dialogues with the recorded images of itself, in the same situation. My action focuses on moving from within, from without, with, against, through elements that are apparently or immediately felt as external, such as the floor and walls of the space in which I find myself, the clothes that surround me, the video image that is projected on my present image, the voices I hear, the text(s) that I hear, and, in a broader spectrum, my own skin.  - video (20 min) - trailer (40 sec)





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